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Unique home decor with pottery "melt"

They include many types of bottle, kettle, cups, bowls ... with typical motifs of Chinese but can be manipulated like this stuff breaks down and is slowly melting.

The vase, ceramic warm ... this will surely catch the eye of those who love heart cut interior. They deserve a home décor items unique to the owners love the art form thuat.Thich love dressing table nice and handy Purple Lavender - great colors for living space "Rather new clothes" for refrigerators The art decal stickers with chair makes you look "do not blink" Beautiful fascinated sample homemade lampshades

It's incredible collection of ceramics with a unique tone nomads and Chinese classical below was created by the original artist Chile - she Livia Marin. 

Unique collection echoes the classic nomadic and Chinese ...

 ... Includes all kinds of warm, cups, vases ...

We are very painstakingly crafted with imported food motifs in the "flow" and the "rest".

... Create a sense of unity, beautiful.

Each item is an artwork complex but unified, flexible, soft but not least, the authors naturally reconcile solid part and the "fluid". All are like a winding stream flowing out from the pottery. This has turned into this stuff works beautifully decorated home and vivid, especially suitable for display in the living room.

Each work of art is a whole complex but unified.

The works smooth, soft and very natural

These works are worthy ornament beautiful home.

The collection includes 32 works are currently on display at the exhibition Eagle Gallery in London, England.