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Lifestyle fair 2015

Choosing wares:

When purchasing a finger tap ware, if coong coong hear cries like a metallic sound, they are good map. If you hear the cry opaque and heavy, it is of poor quality toys. With rice bowls, plates and porcelain tray with three ways to choose: look, type and face.

Observe the outer surface of the object to see the light, the colors dull glaze, fresh dark, dark of drawings and black spots, cracks or not.

Use a small rod knock gently on the edge of the bowl or plate, tray. If you hear the crunchy sound emitted in the map it is possible, if the sound is muddy or doped on his show cracks it that you have not looked into.

Please upturned bowl or plate on a flat surface or upturned them together to see how distorted roundness. If objects are created plump, balance the upside down will not see the difference curve. Also note, the rice bowl of food should choose high substrate, as this will avoid burns when handling the hand and easy convenience.

Preservation wares:

After a period of use, appliances, ceramic often dirty and dingy. The following methods will help refresh wares:

With mugs, vases, jars, get there yeast dough bread mixed with water, wipe over the surface once more. A moment later use a soft cloth to wipe. Utensils will shine for weeks.

Absolutely do not use the dishwasher to wash the utensils, ceramic, porcelain, porcelain decorated prone to fade.

Utensils should be washed with warm water and wash with water (with a mild detergent). More carefully, you should be in plastic pots and utensils in a plate lined with rubber bottom to avoid rupture in case of slipping out of your hands and utensils. Rinse 2nd or 3rd with the same water temperature and clean towels, soft to dry before taking second home

Do not use wet cloth to clean javel furniture or decorative objects with modern ceramics, it will be a long scratch.

To repair a crack or scratch marks on pottery, first need to wash utensils (careful and gentle), washed with water (as a mild detergent), then dried with a hair dryer. If the ceramic thick, add a little slit cracks then paste them with an epoxide, followed by drying with a towel soaked in alcohol. Cracks tied with string at least 24 hours.