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"King of ancient ceramics," Dinh Cong Tuong

In addition, Dinh Cong Tuong, also known as a wealthy philanthropist kindness, he often lives by helping people throughout Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia to charity ...

More than 20 years "collected" artifacts ceramics, far, far, "wealth" of hobbyists Dinh Cong Tuong has exceeded 80,000 artifacts, and he became one of the owners of multiple items Vietnam's ancient ceramics, worthy "king of ancient ceramics" Vietnam that among the "stock - period - hell" awarded to him.

Collector Dinh Cong Tuong (Block 5, Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12, Ho. Ho Chi Minh City) was born in 1968 in Hanoi in a family with grandparents - are foreign antiques lover. So interesting antiquarian passion ingrained in his mind since childhood. After liberation, he followed his family settled in Saigon and bring a plate, a bowl ancient grandmother's gift as "gift" go away. He said, the two memorabilia has fueled my most difficult moments and awaken the passion of its antiquities.


At first, Dinh Cong Tuong worked on garbage collection, as a waitress, wholesale fruit and ... to survive, then fate took him to the cultivation and care of plants, carbon-wrong. Been little capital, he decided to invest in wholesale cable company with core media pals. There are few words, 24 years old, he started to go around the country from North to South Vietnam to "collect" antique porcelain to suit your home dream.


Collector Dinh Cong Tuong and warehouse stock of thousands of ceramic bowls, plates, cups of tea ...


The disc "Fish dragons" rare, Bien Hoa pottery of the 18th century.


With easygoing, cheerful, sociable, Dinh Cong Tuong quickly "encroachment" into the hobby is famous antiques and antique hunters "high-handed". Go to where he made friends there, from the regal to the next level working poor, everyone loved him. It was thanks to a friendly interface so much when he accidentally "socks" are stock items, rare and few people have been. He said: "It was" predestined "necessary to live with antiques and collectibles craft, because if not charming, sometimes having their favorite items, not to make money but they have to sell. If so charming, sometimes people do not donate ... ". And for the love of ceramic artifacts, much as he had to "stalking", convinced its owner a few years to buy.


Every time you are traveling overseas, you are taking the time to hunt for antiques enrich the "treasure" of his. Thus, the collection of ancient pottery was very diverse and rich. In addition, many people heard he "crushed" ceramic artifacts so often manually bring him home to antiques to sell higher price. Road Collection Ceramic Wall only his neck so that now, the number of artifacts he had "exceeded" the capacity of the three-storey house (600m2), a hut and a wooden house in the garden his home. Antiques much that they lying across the bed, chassis cabinets, corner of his house. Thus, his house now become "museum" ancient pottery to antiques lovers to award shows ...


The ceramic artifacts of Mr. Walls are under the "exclusive, strange" in Vietnam, including all types such as bowls, plates, jars, bud vase, pots, spoons, candlesticks ... origin from China, Singapore, France, Japan, Hongkong ... dating from the 12th century to the early 20th century in including the collection cups and all kinds of rare fortune of Japan flask century 19, a highlight of the collection of his ceramics. In addition, he also has dozens of bowls a hundred letters charms Ming, Qing per square late 17th century, religious wisdom Bat average, average ... But the heart of the 18th century ceramics Particularly Vietnam, Mr. Wall has Full set of three ceramic North, Central, South Vietnam's ancient cultures such as pottery Oc Eo, Dong Son, Cham, Bat Trang pottery Bien Hoa century or 18-19, Plum Tree Pottery Saigon in District 5 ... In the past it has a unique pair per lozenge with rare blue and white glaze he bought in Tien Giang, saucer Mai Hac king of Nguyen Dynasty legend Nom two verses: "Clam clam Galaxy fun yen / Mai's old friend, crane acquaintance "of the great poet Nguyen Du subject himself when he visited a porcelain oven Town Scene in Germany in 1813, with its thousands of men dwell map Lam Nguyen Hue time ... In addition, he also collect antique bronze, silver, precious stones, rare wood ...


Some ancient pottery collectors Dinh Cong Tuong at home:


Mai Hac rare plate Nguyen Dynasty, Legend 2 verses on the great poet Nguyen Du's self when he visited a porcelain oven Town Scene in Germany in 1813.


The ceramic spoon rare Chinese origin dating from the 18th century.


Pair foot candles (male - female) originating from 18th century China.


The jars of skin radiant, Bat Trang pottery of the 18th century.


Antique ceramic disc Ming (China).


Pair of vases and plates life Kangxi (China) is still firmly in the coral sea platform.


Ancient pottery lying in chassis cabinets in "museum" of the Collector Dinh Cong Tuong.



"King of ancient ceramics," Dinh Cong Tuong said: "I do not except furniture, antiques, but like most collectors and pottery remains, any free time I drove the car to go hunt, few three weeks after returning the car is full of antiques and ... ". It is known from the collector, he has never sold a thing yet. On the contrary, he is planning to build cafe at home and expand "museum" of her to all to antique shows this giant warehouse. In 2011, the Center Vietnam record books established him as he owns several antique ceramics in Vietnam.