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How to mend shattered pottery

When using ceramics unfortunately broken but if that is the invention of ceramic dragon you love and want to keep, you can do the following to mend shattered pottery

Use glue the broken crockery just expensive, just a trace, reduce the aesthetics of furniture. Please introduce you mend this map both efficient and beautiful.

1. Bowls with broken crockery, if you want to reconnect, can be mixed with egg white plaster ratio of 2: 1, gives a healing effect. Take this mixture applied to the broken pieces and then reconnect. When the stain is dry solder is used.

2. crockery broken, you can get hot water rinse, pat dry, then take a handful of alum and a small bowl of boiling water until clear water. Staff at the hot, apply a thick layer on where broken, then quickly fitted into fragments.

3. exquisite porcelain, unfortunately broken, egg whites should take sides applied to cracks, and then put together and clean white space around the wire. After one to two days, though it was shaking, your items can not be cracked.

With the guidance and tips above will help you preserve and conserve their wares fresh and long-term use. These products ceramic dragon intelligent if accidentally broken or chipped by hard knocks, you can also use the above way.