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Decorative pottery in accordance with feng shui home

Here are some of the experiences and principles of simple, easy to apply for those who do not have much time to learn more about feng shui decorating.

Ceramics are formed from clay, which was originally formed under the river bed material for hundreds of years, absorbing semen of heaven, of earth, wind, water ... As long experience decoration items ceramic indoors can prevent the wrong type of gas, used as the spiritual bring peace, peace of mind. Advantages, fortune, luck, success in business is business ... following experience home furnishing in ceramics according to modern feng shui.

Painting pottery painting place

The Gio Vinh provided Pottery Painting

Non charming Pottery Painting

Home Decor by Pottery according to Feng Shui under the provision


1. Provide The buds (the north direction - Properties Hengshui): Should decorative waterfall, river paintings, as Non charming

2. Provide knowledge and education (under operating North-east Turkey): Should decorative items made of ceramic, porcelain, paintings talk about topics like education competition rules The Gio Vinh

3. Delivery Date direction (towards the East Element Wood): Should decorative paintings of trees, picturesque quad precious spare, chrysanthemum, architecture tomorrow.

4. Provide fortune (male-east of operating crust): Should decorative items like toad suck money porcelain, porcelain, paintings hydro ...

5. Provide status and reputation (towards the south - from missile) should hang diplomas and reward table, it should be combined with additional decorative lamps to increase missile.

6. Provide the coast and marriage (male-west territory of practice) to decorate the scene symbolizes love: painting couples, painting still run, pigeons ...

7. Provide instant death (the hands-oriented way of operating the metal what-) should decorate the baby pictures contempt, silver or copper frame

8. Provide your staff (executive direction Northwest needle): decorate your pictures of people that we beliefs.